The College of Pharmacy at Chonnam National University, Korea, since its establishment in 1981, has played a pivotal role in assuring that pharmacy students receive unsurpassed educational opportunities to prepare them for current and future practice environments.  The College today offers a rigorous and expansive professional curriculum preparing students to become competent  pharmacists. Opportunities for advanced professional training are also available at our graduate school at both the master's and doctoral level, during which students are eligible for different kinds of scholarships and fellowships.

 In the area of research the College has the top-notch research facilities, excellent researchers and faculty members who publish internationally recognized papers. Faculties within the College are grouped into eight divisions based upon their areas of academic specialization, which include pharmaceutics, pharmacology/toxicology/pathophysiology,   physical pharmacy, medicinal chemistry, analytical biochemistry, natural product sciences, microbiology/immunology and biochemistry. Faculty members of the College  have achieved prominence at national, and international levels with their scholarly research, excellent teaching, and leadership in professional societies.

 The College focuses on introducing up-to-date scientific knowledge and cutting-edge technologies in various areas to graduate students so that they will better equip themselves for collaboration and/or independent research for greater contributions to the humankind. Our graduates have been taking a pivotal role in the development of new drugs and scientific technologies in leading research institutes, government agencies, and pharmaceutical industries in Korea and abroad.  

 The College of Pharmacy at Chonnam National University welcomes qualified international applicants for our graduate program and is ready to work with them toward a bigger contribution to the world.